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If you are having problems with home mortgage and wish to consider different alternatives, this is an excellent video. Please watch this video filmed just for you. It is about sellers perspective for short sales:


If you need help we are skilled and have handled short sales as well as helping clients to modify their loan.

Sam Shueh Team (408) 425-1601 or text

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Traditional and distressed property sale


Besides traditional real estate I have focused on distressed properties as an additional service for the area I served.

Having problems with mortgage wanting to know the options, short sales etc. please contact Sam. He is one of the few Certified Distress Property Experts. He is skilled in negotiating with banks to save those who are the brink of losing their homes.

He covers South Bay, San Mateo and most of Northern California with his listings.

If you wish to view the properties or have questions, feel free to contact Sam Shueh team.

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Rose Garden  (central San Jose)
"12 year old- 1 story high ceiling ranch"
SOLD  $739,000
Address: 183 Brooklyn Ave
Size: 1700 sq. ft.
Style: Single Story
Type: Residential

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Sierra Crest  (central San Jose)
"Sierra Crest gem-1st floor"
Sale Pending
Address: 955 Catkin Ct
Size: 922 sq. ft.
Style: 3 Story
Type: Residential

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Santa Clara  (Santa Clara)
"Newly remodeled home"
RENTED/LEASED  $3,500.00 Monthly
Address: 3066 San Juan Ave
Size: 1098 sq. ft.
Style: Single Story
Type: Residential

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Blossom Valley  (Santa Teresa)
"Newly remodeled Duplex"
RENTED/LEASED  $2,550.00 Monthly
Address: 357 Nature Ct, Suite B
Size: 1413 sq. ft.
Style: Single Story
Type: Residential

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