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About Sam Shueh

 Sam Shueh, mba, Distressed Property Expert(CDPE), came to Silicon Valley in 1978. He has been selling and buying properties for clients and investors doing home improvements even longer. He became a full time realtor in 2005 as an extension of what he enjoyed doing the most.

He has a computer technology marketing background and can converse with most techies with what they do and where technology is going.

As a top producer he is very service oriented. He looks after customer's interest go beyond normal duties of realtors. He believes in a total ONE-STOP service.
When he is not servicing clients, he likes to look at old homes and film other estates for realtors. You find his stunning photos and virtual images in the home magazines and newspapers. He was the winner of 2012 Santa Clara County photography runner up. 
He really knows about the area history with many books appearing at chain book stores.  He is bringing back the history of Silicon Valley. His 2009 book is called "Silicon Valley" by Arcadia Publishing. He also wrote another book "South Santa Clara County" in 2008 and has contributed to many local history of California and the wild west.
Here are what his clients have to say about Sam Shueh:
-I knew Sam when he was selling his books at my Cupertino Coffee Society by the library. I asked him to sell my business and appreciated his professionalism. Jackie S.-former Apple VP.
-We truly value agents like Sam continue to give First American a truly wonderful reputation. Jane M. First American default services

-Sam spent a great deal of his time working with us for months before we could find our dream home. We are truly thankful and appreciate his time and effort. Sri & Pretti

-We are fortunate to have Sam sell our property and purchase another one. The coordination was executed painlessly and we appreciate Sam's effort and knowledge.  John & Elaine S.

-Sam is knowledgeable about real estate laws and loan modification. We appreciate all the advices and options offered by him.   P.

-We had limited resouces and Sam helped us to get into a single family home close to work.  Wang & Ivy

-I met Sam in 2010 bought an investment property from him. It was such a smooth trasaction at a good price. In 2011, I acquired another one. John L.

-I had to support my family since there was a loss of jobs. As a result I had to sell my home. Sam had special credentials in distressed property sale and was able to sell my home before an auction. The transaction was smooth and it was completed very quickly before the trustee sale. S.

-I bought a hill in a rural area. He was able to negotiate a good price. We went to planning department and he was even able to find me people who can do repair. After closing he did not mind help me from time to time. Olivia C

-Sam is extremely knowledgeable about subtle price changes and can articulate on many neighborhoods. We bought some investment properties all based on his careful research.   Lisa Y.

-Sam understands lighting and angles and taken excellent digital photograph of homes. His work stands out more than other professional photographers. Homes get recognized quicker.  Carol, Coldwell Banker.

-SamShuehRealtor is very accurate with real estate prices and trends. Redfin Blog community


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